The Photographs

I photograph individuals that practice disappearing trades and crafts using a custom-built, room-sized camera that doubles as a portable darkroom. I shoot my images directly onto a special black and white photographic paper that produces a direct positive, laterally reversed image, much like a 19th century tintype photograph. Thus, every image is one of a kind.

While on location the prints are developed by hand inside of the camera in which they are exposed. Like the work of many of the craftspeople that I photograph, my images sometimes exhibit the marks of their creation, including pinholes, fingerprints and the occasional sweat stain.

In the 21st century, our society has moved from physical interaction to digital interfaces in many areas of our day to day lives. As a result, many time honored arts are passing into obsolescence and lost as older practitioners pass away. I’m interested in exploring what it means to retain — or return to — a more physical form of making by documenting individuals who practice these rarified crafts.

-Stephen Takacs-

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