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Brownie In Motion In Color

People sometimes ask me if I can shoot color photographs with Brownie In Motion. “Yes,” I tell them, “but, I don’t because of the toxicity of color chemistry. Plus, it’s really hard to get your hands on Cibrachrome these days!”

That said, my friend and fellow photographer Jeremiah Stilson recently unearthed a color photograph that he made in 2014 using Brownie In Motion while I was visiting North Carolina.

Portrait of Stephen Takacs taken by Jeremiah Stilson inside of Brownie In Motion.
This is a 4×5 Kodak Portra negative shot from inside Stephen Takacs’ Brownie In Motion. Taken in Asheville, NC by Jeremiah Stilson.
What a surprise! I’d totally forgotten about  Jeremiah shooting this test photograph of me with 4×5 film pinned inside of the Brownie! For numerous health/logistical/economic reasons, I don’t intend to start shooting color photos with this camera anytime soon but it’s nice to know\show that it can be done!
Jeremiah Stilson studied Fine Art at The Ohio State University, and currently resides in New York.  See his work at .

Ken Rinaldo

Stephen Takacs standing beside a prototype of Brownie In Motion in the Haskett Hall sound stage at The Ohio State University, circa 2011.


I’d like to thank Kenneth Rinaldo for his generous contribution to the Brownie In Motion campaign. Ken has been a driving force in this project since the  very beginning. The prototype of Brownie In Motion was actually created during his New Media class at Ohio State while I was a graduate student. Without Ken’s technical knowledge and enthusiasm for this interactive camera, this project may never have existed.

Please check out Ken’s work at:


614 Magazine Article on Brownie In Motion

614 Magazine Article on Brownie In Motion

Chris Gatten wrote an awesome article on Brownie In Motion in this month’s 614 Magazine, which  is illustrated with photos by the talented Chris Casella! I’d like to thank the whole 614 team, including editor-in-chief, Travis Hoewischer, for including me in their magazine! If you haven’t pick up a copy yet, do it soon before they disappear from the newsstands!

I’m proud to say that the band featured on the cover of this month’s issue are my long time friends Damn the Witch Siren! They just release a new EP earlier this month called Super Delicious. This rump shaking record, which channels both Madonna and early Nine Inch Nails, is like a bowl of coco-puffs – processed, crunchy and oh-so-sweet!

I want to remind you that there are only 5-days left to support Brownie In Motion on indiegogo, please donate today and help us make it happen!


Camera Obscura at COSI Afte Dark

Camera Obscura at COSI Afte Dark

Target Six-16 will be exhibited at COSI After Dark this Friday January 10th from 7pm until midnight. Free Admission (with BuckID), $5 COSI Bucks to the first 1,000 guests.

Onsite parking is $5/vehicle.

Continuous bus service to COSI and back beginning at 6:45 p.m. from:
* Buckeye Village Community Center
* Blackburn House
* Drake Performance Center
* Neil Building
* Ohio Union

In addition to the exciting fun that COSI has to offer we will also have:

* The first 100 patrons to donate a book to Stories for Students will receive $5 each in COSI Bucks.

* Penguins 3D and Rocky Mountain Express will both be showing for FREE on the Extreme Screen!

* SuperGames will be in attendance with additional awesome activities like ice skating, photo booths, games and more!