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Camera obscura coming to the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend!

Hello everyone out there in cyber space,

If you’re tired of just seeing images of Brownie In Motion online and want to experience it in person, please come to the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend! I’ll be sharing the camera obscura with visitors from 11am – 9pm on Friday & Saturday and 11am – 5pm on Sunday.

Facade at 400 West Rich
Facade at 400 West Rich

If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d like to encourage you to come across the river to 400 West Rich for artist open studios starting on Friday from 7pm – 11pm and Saturday from 11am – 6pm. Although, I won’t be able to be able to participate in open studios this year (since I’ll be at the arts festival) I do want to encourage everyone to check out the work of some of my friends and explore the building where I spend so much of my time creating!

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FYI – If you’re feeling really adventurous, the World Naked Bike Ride will be happening on Saturday evening starting from 400 West Rich around 9:30pm.

Have a wonderful weekend!


behind the scenes of a recent camera obscura photoshoot….

Here are some process photos from a recent shoot taken by my assistant, Forrest Roberts…..

Camera obscura installed in a small room. Photo by Forrest Roberts.

Another day at the office.

Stephen Takacs setting lights in preparation for a photo shoot with the camera obscura. Photograph by Forrest Roberts


Evan modeling for the camera obscura at Stephen Takacs Photography located at 400 West Rich Street in Columbus, Ohio. Photo by Forrest Roberts.



Convergence: Paige and Evan. Photograph by Stephen Takacs, 2014.

Projection Studies:

The projection studies are a visual convergence of two individuals that together make up a couple. These photographs were created by using the lens of the camera obscura to project the image of one person onto the body of the other. The final portraits are shot using a digital camera without the use of Photoshop and explore the ability of the photographic medium to render fantastical moments that are simultaneously fact and fiction.