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Thanks to Roman Holowinsky

A huge thank you goes out to my friend and OSU STEAM Factory colleague Roman Holowinsky. I’m not only thankful for his generous donation to the Brownie In Motion campaign but also for his ongoing enthusiasm, and encouragement. Without Roman’s sense of long-term vision, neither the OSU STEAM Factory nor the Brownie In Motion project would exist as we know them today.

For those of you not familiar with The Steam Factory, our purpose is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the OSU community across the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. To disseminate research, technology and pedagogy through public interaction and to create new ways in which our work can impact a broader audience. Brownie In Motion was actually constructed  with budgetary support from an Outreach and Engagement Grant that the STEAM Factory wrote together.

It’s not too late to contribute to the indiegogo campaign! There are 8 hours left so quickly click your way over to  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brownie-in-motion/contributions/new and donate now!

Thank you Undine!

I’d like to thank my friend Undine Brod for supporting the Brownie In Motion project on Indiegogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brownie-in-motion) .



Undine is a very talented artist in her own right! Please check out her ceramic work at http://www.undinebrod.com/

Normandy: A World Apart

Please take a look and support the work of Rachel Smith! Rachael’s project recently came to my attention when she donated to my indiegogo campaign, Brownie In Motion. Rachael is also in the midst of running a campaign to fund a creative project seeped in historical significance.  Normandy: A World Apart is a documentary film that seeks to preserve the stories of WWII veterans, 70 years after the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

There are 3-days left in her team’s campaign, please share their project and consider donating today!


Hats off to James Chen!

Hats off to James Chen for his generous $150 donation to the Brownie In Motion campaign! Thank you so much my friend! Your enthusiasm, positivity and continued interest in this project is a blessing!



get on your bike and ride!

A huge thank you to Nevin Price-Meader!

A huge thank you goes out to my friend and fellow photographer Nevin Price-Meader for his generous donation to Brownie In Motion! I’m continually blown away by everyone’s support! Thank you so much man!

A digital photograph of three handsome men and a large camera.
(Pictured from left to right, Jason Schwab, Michael Tapper and Nevin Price-Meader @ SPE National in Baltimore, MD)

Please check out Nevin’s work here: http://www.nevinprice-meader.com/

Brownie In Motion featured in Make Magazine!

Thank you so much Chris Pollock for supporting Brownie In Motion in so many ways! Not only did Chris donate money to support the Brownie In Motion Indiegogo campaign but he has also written two really nice articles about the project! The first appeared about a month ago on the Simplified Building Concepts blog and the second was just published in Make Magazine!


Thank you so very much Chris! 

The Brownie In Motion IndieGoGo Project Launch

The Brownie In Motion IndieGoGo Project Launch

My Indiegogo campaign to bring the camera obscura out west and begin a new series of ULF photographs of artisans launched on Friday at Imagine400 here in Columbus. The turn out was amazing and I was proud to be part of it such an interesting mix of creators! Many thanks goes out to the organizers & my fellow exhibitors (including Gavin Bruce, Roman Holowinksy, Reese Nader, Mikey Thomas, TLA, Linda Diec, Chris Howel, Stephen Pence and the whole Art Party crew.) I appreciated everyone who donated money and sat for a portrait at the event AND a great big thank you to everyone who has backed this project online!

A shout out goes to my fellow artists Amy Ritter (http://amybritter.blogspot.com/) and Lauri Lynnxe Murphy (http://www.laurilynnxemurphy.com/) who made the first donations online on Friday afternoon. You guys rock!

Please share this link and help make this project happen!