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The Brownie In Motion IndieGoGo Project Launch

The Brownie In Motion IndieGoGo Project Launch

My Indiegogo campaign to bring the camera obscura out west and begin a new series of ULF photographs of artisans launched on Friday at Imagine400 here in Columbus. The turn out was amazing and I was proud to be part of it such an interesting mix of creators! Many thanks goes out to the organizers & my fellow exhibitors (including Gavin Bruce, Roman Holowinksy, Reese Nader, Mikey Thomas, TLA, Linda Diec, Chris Howel, Stephen Pence and the whole Art Party crew.) I appreciated everyone who donated money and sat for a portrait at the event AND a great big thank you to everyone who has backed this project online!

A shout out goes to my fellow artists Amy Ritter (http://amybritter.blogspot.com/) and Lauri Lynnxe Murphy (http://www.laurilynnxemurphy.com/) who made the first donations online on Friday afternoon. You guys rock!

Please share this link and help make this project happen!