Brownie In Motion visits Krempp Gallery

For the remainder of the month of November, the Brownie In Motion Project is on display at the Krempp Gallery in Japser, Indiana alongside the work of Indiana native photographer Kay Westhues.


Although our technique and aesthetics vary, Kay’s work pairs beautifully with the Brownie In Motion Project. Shot exclusively in the small town of Walkerton, Indiana Kay’s bright color images explore the duality of change and tradition in rural America. Kay says that her ongoing body of work began while familiarizing herself with a DSLR (after years of shooting with a 4 x 5 film camera.) Initially, creating images for this body of work was part of a daily practice that both helped her learn a new photographic tools while also exploring a new way of engaging with her community.


One of my favorite images from Kay’s body of work depicts a couple conversing on a wooden deck outside of a mobile home while an enormous peacock sits perched in the center of the frame. The birds colorful plumes powerfully contrast against the down-on-their-luck deck and the autumnal woods. Many of Kay’s most successful images depict the strangeness and as well as beauty of everyday life in small town America transporting us to a place that is both familiar and foreign.

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