Saturday Giant Tour!

Once again, I’d like to thank my friend Phil Cogley for contributing to the Brownie In Motion campaign! Many people don’t know this, but Phil and I used to ride the same drab yellow school bus many long years ago. Phil’s first band, Seraphim, used to practice  in my friends basement up the street. I was always inspired by the older rockers (in middle school two years is a huge difference) and spent many sweaty evenings watching on the steps or headbanging in a mini-mosh pit awash in teenage angst.

Early on, unlike many high school would-be musicians, Phil had IT — passion, talent, and a charismatic, somewhat sardonic, stage presence, which addressed audience members in between numbers through clenched teeth.  Like myself, Phil (as his alter ego, ‘The Saturday Giant’) is embarking for a long US tour. Phil is not only a great multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, but he is also a great performer. Please check out where and when he is touring by following the link below:

THEN go out and show this Ohio boy some love!