Stephen Takacs & the Camera Obscura

My friends over at Death Raft recently featured me on their art blog! Check it out!


This is the camera obscura.

actual obscura

Stephen Takacs, a multi-disciplinary artist and digital photography professor at Ohio State University, uses this unique camera to project views onto the bodies of subject while being inside the camera himself. Here’s Takacs referring to a recent collaboration with trapeze artists:


“The performers are positioned on several sets of trapeze bars facing a very large camera obscura.  Another performer and I are are inside of the camera obscura. The lens projects a view of the outside performers onto the body of the model inside of the camera. These images were created by photographing that projection with 2nd camera body.”

StephenTakacs.CameraObscura.Paige.Evan8 (1)

Basically, Takacs uses the camera to take two photos at once. But, the camera obscura does not actually take the photos.  There is a second (digital) camera inside of the camera obscura that is used to expose the images.

Takacs plans to make a diagram…

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